Joy Revivify Retinol Age Defying Serum

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  • TIGHTENS SKIN: green tea contains tannin, an astringent that effectively tightens your skin. Combined with Retinol, this face serum gives your skin the kind of firmness you have always desired.
  • REDUCES SIGNS OF AGEING: Retinol’s most talked about benefit – its anti-ageing property. It seeps into your skin and speeds up the cell turnover helping it churn out smoother and fresher skin again and again. This skin firming serum for fine lines and wrinkles is in to become your best friend for the years to come.
  • HYDRATES: Hyaluronic acid is your go to ingredient if hydrated skin is what you desire to achieve. With consistent use, experience the potential of this hyaluronic acid serum to make your skin smoother, plumper and radiate with health.
  • NOURISHES FROM WITHIN: With the added benefits of jojoba and olive oil, you can trust this face serum to make your skin glow from nourishment within.
  • SUITS ALL: Meticulously designed for your skin’s daily needs, this serum is ideal for both women and men to make the most of.